Friday, September 23, 2011

Abbott and Costello: Dedicated to Andrew

One of their classic sketches, on radio or on whatever they were doing, these guys poured on the jokes. OH gotta love it! A dime a dozen jokes is what I call it.

Maybe slightly less known than the other skit but still widely known. You know that these are classics because comics, television, and movies have stolen from it. There is an episode in The Dick Van Dyke Show where this Two Tens for a Five situations happened. Then the "writers" in the show realize it and set out to kind of steal it...(I don't think they do though, but the real show obviously is making a pun off this) In an Archie comic book I remember reading there is a "Who" situation as who being the new guys last name.

         Funny stuff. Still can be relevant. Ever feel like you're running in circles like that? Must be why it's stayed classic. Although it is outrageous, we relate. We've tried to do something like exchange two tens for a five (maybe not exactly that) or mistaken someone or gotten a word to be incorrect in the way we are percieving it. That's also why I think people thought Gracie was hilarious. It's because, man would she just be annoyingly dumb but her stupidity has a rhythm and you can follow her train of thought. Like a blonde joke without being cruel. That's how I percieve it.

This piece is dedicated to Andrew who couldn't believe that I hadn't posted about Abbott and Costello.
     Well I may not have done it justice because they aren't totally in my sphere of knowledge but I do know enough to write this article and possibly elaborate some with more quick research. Well at least there is someone interested huh? :) It's nice to know someone cares about at least some of these things than just me. If you want more on this series. I can always dig up more, just ask.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looney Tune Time: Pussyfoot

Pussyfoot Walk Avatar Picture                                                                  
      This is an adorable little kitty. However the gender is confused....many say it is a girl BUT I have done extensive research and have concluded it is in reality, male. However it is marketed to females as a female cat. Looney Tunes itself had almost forgotten this member until girls everywhere discovered this gem. However it is never really mentioned what gender the cat is or referenced at all. Pussyfoot only made a few appearances before the creators moved on to their more successful looney tune characters. However who can resist a little kitten clawing marc anthony's back? When he adores the kitty so?
      Pussyfoot first appeared in "Feed the Kitty", where Marc Anthony thinks Pussyfoot is made into a cookie, when his owner gives him a feline cookie shape because the kitty was messing around.
      You may recognize the voice of the mistress, it is Bea Benaderet. She was Kate in Petticoat Junction (owner of Petticoat Junction), and in The Burns and Allen Show as Mrs. Morton.  The kitty's meows are done none other than the man of 101 voices, Mel Blanc (also on Jack Benny show and most voices for Looney Tunes)
This is another example of the confusion of gender but it is cute. Also it says new pussyfoot which I take to mean, that this is the new role for pussyfoot, it's like warner brothers just decided to switch genders for this lovable character to market him better (got a magnet of him in my locker)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's My Line(final in my series)

Touching tribute...
What I love about "What's My Line" panelists
I love Bennett Cerf's sarcastic manner yet smart (same with Fred Allen)
Love Fred Allen with the Red Skeleton episode, "OH ho I can see the light even with these on" "Do you have a color for your first name?....You do? I give up" but I like Bennett Cerf (part owner of Random House publishing asking in one episode with an author, do you write for Random House?)
I love Dorthy's absurd questions that are obviously trying to brag a bit but it's amazing how many people said yes....or depending on what the question was, just how hilarious it would be.(and the guest) I love the episode with just George Burns when he answers yes when no one knew it really was a no until he revealed himself by saying "I'm also a liar"
I love Arlene Francis. I just love her reactions and her fun loving way.
To end my series I've done on this which I can't say that I'll never do What's My Line things ever again because it had funny responses and amazing guest stars.
There seemed to be a period when a chair was open to any panelist and I like Jerry Lewis for awhile with the girl who sold diet pills, everyone is going on, but Jerry just guesses actually to be kind of meanly(she was heavy) carelessly sarcastic but he gets it right. So, go figure.
Love the episode with Johnny Olson because well it's their own announcer and they can't guess it. He had some awesome voices.
But the best MC that was, John Daly.
The last episode was him!
Go check that out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dean Martin's music video

       Dean Martin's one and only official music video. Everybody is commenting on it's somewhat distasteful style but I think you have to put it in context of the time period. It's not distasteful or really even vulgar or really anything. I mean just remember the music videos of the 1980's. WOW. Yuck. I mean some were standouts but many were just like, woah this guy must have been stoned or this makes no sense, it will not last because future generations cannot clip on to the style, people can clip on to a feeling or words or even timeless music styles. I mean orchestras have survived thus far. It was classy and cool. Maybe not in but high society. Anyway I liked it. It grew on me. At first I was like "oh yeah, it's not that great" along with everyone else but then, Dean always finds a way to get me to hum it so that I can't fight it for long. I'm compelled right back. I think you have to consider also that music videos for stars like him were just like the concept of the switch to televison was to radio announcers way back when ;) . Also, Dean was getting along in years and had a very successful career behind him and really had no need to do anything he wasn't up to. Just be happy bein' free!
It was a pioneering effort. Underappreciated. Maybe I feel that about alot of things....but then again maybe it's true. People don't see it, my job is to make them. Anyway thanks again for listening. (side note, for the record the most underappreciated film of all time is still Paris When it Sizzles)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

You Can Change the World

It is a Father speaking. Patriotism. This changed my life. It touched me deep inside. For some reason it popped up in my mind on this September 11th. Remember the patriotism and how we all work together when we are hurt.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Maurice Chevalier

This Frenchman is dazzling with his straw hat...Even the Marx Brothers imitated this charming Frenchman. "Isn't It Romantic" was sung in part by Chevalier in a movie. This song is considered one of the best of all time. Many people do not know it has words because it is played so often as just orchestra, however Chevalier sang it. It is one of the few songs that rhymes before it starts, which makes the writers especially unique, the name of the movie slipped from me but it is a good movie and the songwriting is phenomenal and if you're reading this blog, hopefully a name you will recognize. Oh by the way I removed the link to that but if you want to check out part of isn't it romantic and other escapades, check out go to my uploads. If you don't see it there it may be because it's illegal in your country because it is saying that I infringed on some copyright laws, even though I've been doing this for awhile....sometimes youtube and stuff is weird.

"Do we wish you were an american, yes"
"I hope when I"m 77 sir that I have as good of company...(and so on)
Priceless stuff.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I told you more What's My Line was coming.

I love Johnny Olson in this. He is great at the voices. They cannot figure out their own announcer!

I also love the dead giveaway videos. They are all comedians of  course that kind of bust in to reveal their identities. Love the cane with Burns and Allen, gotta love Gracie's dumb quip. Love Burn's response! I couldn't help but think that's why George would always make remarks about being the one that brought in the money with his act, moments like that I don't think George thought ever to write in...but it was sooo loveable. Then I also especially loved Martin and Lewis!!! Of course Jerry had to act stupid, with Jerry I find it obnoxious but I've always found it a kind of obnoxious...great comedian though. Liked Dean too pointing to himself wanting the attention saying me me, let me answer....But with Jerry's kidish nature in their shows, of course...Ernie Novacks.Dorthy's reaction with Mr. Cerf's.classic.
One of my favorite episodes though, is Jack Benny. Jack Benny never needed to say a joke in his life. He'd just watch a funny situation, look at the audience, the hilarity comes out with no joke about it. No need to make jokes or crack at people all the time, just look at the audience like they already get it.He also went up to kiss one of the panelist when she asks if he is handsome?!? Hilarious. Jack hits Daly...oh more hilarities, just watch it please.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dean Martin

Here are some youtube videos I made and they tell alot about Dean Martin. If you want to know alot about what I know or are intrigued, read the suggested books....Dean and Me by Jerry Lewis or Memories are Made of This by his daughter. GO GO GO! (as Dean might say)


You dirty rat you…

They have so much fun…
Credit to the gifs to
Just sharing some comedic partners Dean had. And some of his charm.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Si, sye, sue (and sometimes sew)

Jack Benny, did this all the time. Mel blanc had many voices (did alot for looney tunes). On Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, he said one time that Jack threw in an extra question, what does your sister do? Sew was Mel Blanc's reply.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lambchops: Burns and Allen 1929

Burns and Allen...Well 1929...OLD! And they're talking! It was pretty awesome. In their old acts they both played the straight and monkey parts...I think right now they're getting the hang of it. couldn't have been too long before that they were in it.It just amazes me the year 1929 and talking. Smart act and still has the awesome smart jokes that are a bit cheesy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

John and Jack

I hope this article will be short and sweet. There isn't a whole lot to say. Many late night comedians will admit to wanting Johnny Carson's style (half the big ones do...and if they didn't they'd change the format more). However if they are so in love with Johnny....Do they know this about Johnny, Johnny Carson idolized Jack Benny. He really did. Why not learn from the master? The "pregnant pause" now known as the awkward pause. The deliberate way of talking. His girlish way of walking and his way of snapping at people. Touching your face to indicate...well that unspeakable irony...literally unspeakable. So night club comedians and comedians of television. If Johnny got his style from Jack, why not study Jack? Why study over endless Johnny Carson tapes to just enjoy him when he stole all his material (sometimes in a subtle or not so subtle way) from Jack? Go back to the ORIGINAL because originals are much more awesome. You see which way they went and the original jokes with the funny but often cheesy jokes left behind.
You can skip the part about the monkeys.