Thursday, September 1, 2011

John and Jack

I hope this article will be short and sweet. There isn't a whole lot to say. Many late night comedians will admit to wanting Johnny Carson's style (half the big ones do...and if they didn't they'd change the format more). However if they are so in love with Johnny....Do they know this about Johnny, Johnny Carson idolized Jack Benny. He really did. Why not learn from the master? The "pregnant pause" now known as the awkward pause. The deliberate way of talking. His girlish way of walking and his way of snapping at people. Touching your face to indicate...well that unspeakable irony...literally unspeakable. So night club comedians and comedians of television. If Johnny got his style from Jack, why not study Jack? Why study over endless Johnny Carson tapes to just enjoy him when he stole all his material (sometimes in a subtle or not so subtle way) from Jack? Go back to the ORIGINAL because originals are much more awesome. You see which way they went and the original jokes with the funny but often cheesy jokes left behind.
You can skip the part about the monkeys.

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