Friday, September 9, 2011

Maurice Chevalier

This Frenchman is dazzling with his straw hat...Even the Marx Brothers imitated this charming Frenchman. "Isn't It Romantic" was sung in part by Chevalier in a movie. This song is considered one of the best of all time. Many people do not know it has words because it is played so often as just orchestra, however Chevalier sang it. It is one of the few songs that rhymes before it starts, which makes the writers especially unique, the name of the movie slipped from me but it is a good movie and the songwriting is phenomenal and if you're reading this blog, hopefully a name you will recognize. Oh by the way I removed the link to that but if you want to check out part of isn't it romantic and other escapades, check out go to my uploads. If you don't see it there it may be because it's illegal in your country because it is saying that I infringed on some copyright laws, even though I've been doing this for awhile....sometimes youtube and stuff is weird.

"Do we wish you were an american, yes"
"I hope when I"m 77 sir that I have as good of company...(and so on)
Priceless stuff.

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