Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I told you more What's My Line was coming.

I love Johnny Olson in this. He is great at the voices. They cannot figure out their own announcer!

I also love the dead giveaway videos. They are all comedians of  course that kind of bust in to reveal their identities. Love the cane with Burns and Allen, gotta love Gracie's dumb quip. Love Burn's response! I couldn't help but think that's why George would always make remarks about being the one that brought in the money with his act, moments like that I don't think George thought ever to write in...but it was sooo loveable. Then I also especially loved Martin and Lewis!!! Of course Jerry had to act stupid, with Jerry I find it obnoxious but I've always found it a kind of obnoxious...great comedian though. Liked Dean too pointing to himself wanting the attention saying me me, let me answer....But with Jerry's kidish nature in their shows, of course...Ernie Novacks.Dorthy's reaction with Mr. Cerf's.classic.
One of my favorite episodes though, is Jack Benny. Jack Benny never needed to say a joke in his life. He'd just watch a funny situation, look at the audience, the hilarity comes out with no joke about it. No need to make jokes or crack at people all the time, just look at the audience like they already get it.He also went up to kiss one of the panelist when she asks if he is handsome?!? Hilarious. Jack hits Daly...oh more hilarities, just watch it please.

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