Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's My Line(final in my series)

Touching tribute...
What I love about "What's My Line" panelists
I love Bennett Cerf's sarcastic manner yet smart (same with Fred Allen)
Love Fred Allen with the Red Skeleton episode, "OH ho I can see the light even with these on" "Do you have a color for your first name?....You do? I give up" but I like Bennett Cerf (part owner of Random House publishing asking in one episode with an author, do you write for Random House?)
I love Dorthy's absurd questions that are obviously trying to brag a bit but it's amazing how many people said yes....or depending on what the question was, just how hilarious it would be.(and the guest) I love the episode with just George Burns when he answers yes when no one knew it really was a no until he revealed himself by saying "I'm also a liar"
I love Arlene Francis. I just love her reactions and her fun loving way.
To end my series I've done on this which I can't say that I'll never do What's My Line things ever again because it had funny responses and amazing guest stars.
There seemed to be a period when a chair was open to any panelist and I like Jerry Lewis for awhile with the girl who sold diet pills, everyone is going on, but Jerry just guesses actually to be kind of meanly(she was heavy) carelessly sarcastic but he gets it right. So, go figure.
Love the episode with Johnny Olson because well it's their own announcer and they can't guess it. He had some awesome voices.
But the best MC that was, John Daly.
The last episode was him!
Go check that out!

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