Monday, September 12, 2011

Dean Martin's music video

       Dean Martin's one and only official music video. Everybody is commenting on it's somewhat distasteful style but I think you have to put it in context of the time period. It's not distasteful or really even vulgar or really anything. I mean just remember the music videos of the 1980's. WOW. Yuck. I mean some were standouts but many were just like, woah this guy must have been stoned or this makes no sense, it will not last because future generations cannot clip on to the style, people can clip on to a feeling or words or even timeless music styles. I mean orchestras have survived thus far. It was classy and cool. Maybe not in but high society. Anyway I liked it. It grew on me. At first I was like "oh yeah, it's not that great" along with everyone else but then, Dean always finds a way to get me to hum it so that I can't fight it for long. I'm compelled right back. I think you have to consider also that music videos for stars like him were just like the concept of the switch to televison was to radio announcers way back when ;) . Also, Dean was getting along in years and had a very successful career behind him and really had no need to do anything he wasn't up to. Just be happy bein' free!
It was a pioneering effort. Underappreciated. Maybe I feel that about alot of things....but then again maybe it's true. People don't see it, my job is to make them. Anyway thanks again for listening. (side note, for the record the most underappreciated film of all time is still Paris When it Sizzles)

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