Friday, September 23, 2011

Abbott and Costello: Dedicated to Andrew

One of their classic sketches, on radio or on whatever they were doing, these guys poured on the jokes. OH gotta love it! A dime a dozen jokes is what I call it.

Maybe slightly less known than the other skit but still widely known. You know that these are classics because comics, television, and movies have stolen from it. There is an episode in The Dick Van Dyke Show where this Two Tens for a Five situations happened. Then the "writers" in the show realize it and set out to kind of steal it...(I don't think they do though, but the real show obviously is making a pun off this) In an Archie comic book I remember reading there is a "Who" situation as who being the new guys last name.

         Funny stuff. Still can be relevant. Ever feel like you're running in circles like that? Must be why it's stayed classic. Although it is outrageous, we relate. We've tried to do something like exchange two tens for a five (maybe not exactly that) or mistaken someone or gotten a word to be incorrect in the way we are percieving it. That's also why I think people thought Gracie was hilarious. It's because, man would she just be annoyingly dumb but her stupidity has a rhythm and you can follow her train of thought. Like a blonde joke without being cruel. That's how I percieve it.

This piece is dedicated to Andrew who couldn't believe that I hadn't posted about Abbott and Costello.
     Well I may not have done it justice because they aren't totally in my sphere of knowledge but I do know enough to write this article and possibly elaborate some with more quick research. Well at least there is someone interested huh? :) It's nice to know someone cares about at least some of these things than just me. If you want more on this series. I can always dig up more, just ask.  

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