Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looney Tune Time: Pussyfoot

Pussyfoot Walk Avatar Picture                                                                  
      This is an adorable little kitty. However the gender is confused....many say it is a girl BUT I have done extensive research and have concluded it is in reality, male. However it is marketed to females as a female cat. Looney Tunes itself had almost forgotten this member until girls everywhere discovered this gem. However it is never really mentioned what gender the cat is or referenced at all. Pussyfoot only made a few appearances before the creators moved on to their more successful looney tune characters. However who can resist a little kitten clawing marc anthony's back? When he adores the kitty so?
      Pussyfoot first appeared in "Feed the Kitty", where Marc Anthony thinks Pussyfoot is made into a cookie, when his owner gives him a feline cookie shape because the kitty was messing around.
      You may recognize the voice of the mistress, it is Bea Benaderet. She was Kate in Petticoat Junction (owner of Petticoat Junction), and in The Burns and Allen Show as Mrs. Morton.  The kitty's meows are done none other than the man of 101 voices, Mel Blanc (also on Jack Benny show and most voices for Looney Tunes)
This is another example of the confusion of gender but it is cute. Also it says new pussyfoot which I take to mean, that this is the new role for pussyfoot, it's like warner brothers just decided to switch genders for this lovable character to market him better (got a magnet of him in my locker)

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