Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Merry Widow (1934)

Review of an awesome movie. It's also a plot type too. I will say that I enjoy the music immensly and while I feel like Jeanette MacDonald has a fine voice, she is definitely not my favorite. She is an acquired taste and frankly, it hurts my ears when she sings some of those notes. I do agree with his views on Chevalier. He actually describes him so perfectly that I said, "yeah, yeah that's the words I couldn't find to describe why I like him." It seemed real obvious but just sometimes someone else saying it sounds better. It won an Oscar.
Another player in this movie that did not do alot of movies...He is another one of the greatest understated characters that I so enjoy to see when I see him. Edward Everett Horton. You may have seen him in a Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire movie, Arsenic and Old Lace (with Cary Grant), and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The comedic genius of Burns and Allen

Comedic geniuses, that's just Burns and Allen. I had this link up before but it's too good. I have to get it around, it's what made me notice my own blog and realized, this is my real passion.  http://theburnsandallenshow.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2009-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=4

This is just a funny radio broadcast, I put it into my ipod.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Snoopy

Snoopy is here! Go on google search and type in Snoopy's birthday. It says its today. Although in reality it probably is not really his birthday and this is not really when he first came out but still....for some reason it's his birthday and I think it's because of one of the comic strips content. August 28, 1951 is for some reason considered by mostly everyone to be Snoopy's birthday but if you wikipedia Snoopy's history this shows not to be the case.
comics.com/peanuts/1950Snoopy, whose fictional birthday has been established as October 4, made his first appearance in the strip of October 4, 1950, two days after the strip premiered. He was first identified by name on November 10.Snoopy's name could have also been Sniffy if the name had not been already taken. May 27, 1952 Snoopy had a thought bubble, where short one words were often expressed such as FOOD.
        However we all know that we adore this little dog. Beagle or whatever (he first claims he is not a beagle). I love this dog sooo much and love the early comic strips. I just want to cuddle him all day long! So cool, so cute, so awesome, tha'ts Snoopy.
comics.com/peanuts/1950comics.com/peanuts/1951comics.com/peanuts/1951comics.com/peanuts/1951THis is one of my personal favorites and it is often used to show that at first Snoopy did not talk but instead had thought bubbles like a question mark.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Continental

Written by Con Conrad with lyrics by Herb Magidson. "The Continental" won the first Academy Award for Best Original Song to be awarded. Major record hits at the time of introduction included Jolly Coburn and Leo Reisman. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This number stirs my imagination, the buildings make we wish that it was possible for architects all over to dream to spread the joy. The decorations, the dress, and everything....but the sad part is, that quality like this will most likely never be matched again. It's a dreamy number. When I flew Continental airlines this summer I kept humming this song and wondering why they have not used this song. Maybe they have in the past but I think it would still be very relevant if they used it in those stupid videos you have to watch on certain planes with the videos in every seat with the president in it. Most likely they don't own any right to use the song but still...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Milkman: Another great movie left behind in technology swaps

Unfortunately this movie is not officially out on DVD. SO if you want it go to http://www.dvdsentertainmentonline.com/   .  Here are some previews of it. I really want to see it.
Here is the description IMDB gives it...
Roger Bradley, son of a milk magnate, isn't allowed to work for his dad's company because of a lingering war trauma: in moments of stress he quacks like a duck. Desperate to escape from idleness, he gets a job with his father's arch-rival, sponsored by eccentric milkman Breezy Albright, and promptly falls in love with the boss's daughter. But his career as a milkman soon degenerates into slapstick....
Not to seem too weird but I do meow, but it does seem to be when I'm stressed and I haven't really been under any war trauma...more like the school system is so messed up it doesn't tell you to learn it tells you to act like your busy while getting their agenda done with little excellence or useful things learned....trauma. However, I did quack like a duck once or twice and that's how I got my nickname duckie, and I never quacked again because back then I didn't like it. So now you have a little personal nonsensical story about me. Please don't think that this is what this blog is about :) Because usually I'm super ready to straight out share my passion...But perhaps people need to know a personal side and see why it's my passion. But with such classic people, who wouldn't understand?

Monday, August 22, 2011

What's My Line with John Daly (more to come)

     I thought I'd take a moment to honor my favorite game show.
Well, in this video let me give a quick summary. Woody Allen-fake voice that was really good. Bob Hope's is funny because Bob was in a movie with Bing where they were dueling. Bob Hope is reported to not have a good relationship with Bing but they must have put their differences aside because they worked together often. Steve Allen- Johnny actually announces that it's Allen and so Bennett Cerf  says "I'll pretend I didn't hear that." while John returns "you can't" John felt so bad for messing up. Rosalind Russell- so deep of a fake voice she has the panel convinced for a long time she is a man. For Lana they misguessed but then John Daly insulted her! Her area is a very broad one (you don't get it? Think about it for awhile)
For Lucy and Desi, ha ha ha, they seem to know it, then they guess Lucy but not Desi.
Background info: Red considered himself a clown, not a comedian. He had a show that was on at different times at different parts of the country. Back then, everybody stole everyone's stuff... (There is a Burns and Allen show about that with Jack Benny) All the comedians, of course, knew who stole what. Some people got mad but mostly it was a compliment and since everyone did it.... The audience noticed these things too and it was greatly made fun of. Still, Fred's reactions are funny. He knows who it is. When it's over Fred says "I was expecting Clem Kadiddlehopper." Which was one of Red's characters. Fred also jokes that the material that Red stole, Red can still work with it while it still being funny while Fred can't anymore.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paris When it Sizzles

The Most Underappreciated Movie of All Time

   This movie unlike the Wizard of Oz, never got it's place in classic films. Wizard of Oz was not considered a hit when it first came out. This movie was laregly misunderstood. I abhor anyone who makes a crack at this movie without watching it. Even facts are not enough for this movie. The fact is, it didn't sell, the actor/actress did not have fun, and so on, however it is still underappreciated. Why do I still persist with this point? Because the writing was GENIUS. Some people may say it was not genius but that is because they misunderstand the point. The point was unlike any of the time, the point was to make FUN of movies. It was not a romantic comedy to be a romantic comedy, in fact the writing suggests that it is very aware that it's being insane while dealing with insanity. There are good writing tips everywhere. There is irony everywhere and sarcasm. These writing tools were not used as effective as they could have been back then. There was the inside joke at times. There were here as well, there were refrences to other movies such as Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. At a point I counted 4 references to her movies in this one movie.
This is one of the movies that is a farce. It is hilarious. Nobody understood it though. However now, if it was brought back it would be BIG with teenage audiences. I know I have an obsession with old movies that is unlike most teens my age but I have shown this to my other friends. It has sexual jokes about what the censors could get away with and it explains how it works so that they could get away with it as well. So I once told my friend "I don't know what you think they were doing on that date, but I believe they were playing parcheesi" It was random, funny, eccentric, smart, and insider on many things. It poked fun at Hollywood when no one touched them back then. "Maybe we could get Sinatra to sing it"(Sinatra sings)
There are so many unique lines and nowadays there are so many movies making fun of pop stars or whatnot. This just makes fun of movies. The cheesy romance, the western, the chase, the parties, the VAMPIRE, and adventure....RED did this but it was not obvious to everyone just like Paris When it Sizzles was not obvious to people back then. The original Vampires Suck, the original farce is what this movie is. People will definitely recognize it now. It is just the kind of movie that my friends could quote, make fun of, and so on....My goal is that every friend of mine watches it.
William Holden tried to kindle Audrey's heart but Audrey didn't buy it. Holden was an alcoholic and constantly (or never showed up) came to the set drunk. Audrey requested for Tony Curtis to be a costar to help make the movie when Holden was so drunk that he was in rehab. Tony Curtis added a certain flair. He played a "method" actor and made fun of other crappy made films of the time. Then later you find out that he is a cop? What? "I played the part of a method so well, pausing like so..." referencing Holden's character's distaste for method actors because Audrey's character was dating one.Great parody

Richard: I've got an idea. I've got an idea! First good one I've had in four months. No, that's not true. A few weeks ago I had an idea to give up drinking, but it didn't photograph.

REferences Charade, My Fair Lady, (future one) Funny Face

Alex and Emma is a movie that is based on this movie. It is a book they are writing instead of a movie

Richard: Cut to the Eiffel Tower. The main title. The trumpets segue into the inevitable title song. Maybe we can get Sinatra to sing it.

[Frank Sinatra begins to sing]

Plot: Gabrielle Simpson(Audrey Hepburn) goes to Richard Benson (William Holden)  to be his typist because he is a drunken writer (like in real life) who has put off doing his work all year. Richard explains how the audience will react and what he does to get the effect. Richard tries to win Gabrielle's heart. She starts to wise up and writes her own version but ends up crying to Richard because she killed the character (she went on a crazy wild bunny trail of a plot) and then Richard starts to call his boss and confess but then Gabrielle comes out and he seems to get an idea. He writes all through the night and wakes Gabrielle to a Fred Astaire song. He explains the rest of his plot and the audience reactions and so on. (Hilariously of course). Then when he feels like Gabrielle has fallen for him (don't worry the end isn't really too much of a "spoiler" because you aren't really watching for the romance, if you are then the movie does suck) Richard Benson then reveals he thinks they aren't really good for each other because all he really cares about is alchohol and money...then suddenly he has a change of heart.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Story of Snow WHite (two post in one day, It's Disney Day at my house)

snow white gif Pictures, Images and PhotosI just thought I'd add this because it is sooo cute. Snow White is truly a classic and deserves respect. I love her. Disney did a great job, and on his first motion picture try.
Some quick history on Snow White
Everyone thought Walt Disney was crazy for trying
He hired artists off the street and trained them with props
They did not name the seven dwarfs until the very last minute.
Disney needed more money so he asked an banker to come in and watch the movie (as it was without being fully done) and Walt explained to him stuff throughout the movie. They had a long talk with nothing to do about the movie and then at the very end the banker said "O by the way, that's gonna make you a hell of a lot of money" or something like that...so do not take it word for word.
He later hated Snow White (just a bit) for it being the film that everyone compared any of his productions to.
Adrianna was picked as the voice of Snow White because she was listening in on her dad's phone conversation....there are other versions but I heard Adrianna say that herself in an interview so... never know. Anyway. Disney looked everywhere for the perfect voice. The voices of the dwarfs are interesting stories but check that out yourself because off the top of my head, I can't give specifics on every single one of the characters.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vote for Gracie


One of the most funniest things I've ever read. And you know what? I'd still rather vote for Gracie. George Burns, you had quite a woman on your hands. Gracie is one of the most funniest gals I've ever seen. I love to come up with "Gracie" lines because you have to be pretty smart to be that dumb.