Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Continental

Written by Con Conrad with lyrics by Herb Magidson. "The Continental" won the first Academy Award for Best Original Song to be awarded. Major record hits at the time of introduction included Jolly Coburn and Leo Reisman. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This number stirs my imagination, the buildings make we wish that it was possible for architects all over to dream to spread the joy. The decorations, the dress, and everything....but the sad part is, that quality like this will most likely never be matched again. It's a dreamy number. When I flew Continental airlines this summer I kept humming this song and wondering why they have not used this song. Maybe they have in the past but I think it would still be very relevant if they used it in those stupid videos you have to watch on certain planes with the videos in every seat with the president in it. Most likely they don't own any right to use the song but still...

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