Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Story of Snow WHite (two post in one day, It's Disney Day at my house)

snow white gif Pictures, Images and PhotosI just thought I'd add this because it is sooo cute. Snow White is truly a classic and deserves respect. I love her. Disney did a great job, and on his first motion picture try.
Some quick history on Snow White
Everyone thought Walt Disney was crazy for trying
He hired artists off the street and trained them with props
They did not name the seven dwarfs until the very last minute.
Disney needed more money so he asked an banker to come in and watch the movie (as it was without being fully done) and Walt explained to him stuff throughout the movie. They had a long talk with nothing to do about the movie and then at the very end the banker said "O by the way, that's gonna make you a hell of a lot of money" or something like do not take it word for word.
He later hated Snow White (just a bit) for it being the film that everyone compared any of his productions to.
Adrianna was picked as the voice of Snow White because she was listening in on her dad's phone conversation....there are other versions but I heard Adrianna say that herself in an interview so... never know. Anyway. Disney looked everywhere for the perfect voice. The voices of the dwarfs are interesting stories but check that out yourself because off the top of my head, I can't give specifics on every single one of the characters.

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