Monday, August 22, 2011

What's My Line with John Daly (more to come)

     I thought I'd take a moment to honor my favorite game show.
Well, in this video let me give a quick summary. Woody Allen-fake voice that was really good. Bob Hope's is funny because Bob was in a movie with Bing where they were dueling. Bob Hope is reported to not have a good relationship with Bing but they must have put their differences aside because they worked together often. Steve Allen- Johnny actually announces that it's Allen and so Bennett Cerf  says "I'll pretend I didn't hear that." while John returns "you can't" John felt so bad for messing up. Rosalind Russell- so deep of a fake voice she has the panel convinced for a long time she is a man. For Lana they misguessed but then John Daly insulted her! Her area is a very broad one (you don't get it? Think about it for awhile)
For Lucy and Desi, ha ha ha, they seem to know it, then they guess Lucy but not Desi.
Background info: Red considered himself a clown, not a comedian. He had a show that was on at different times at different parts of the country. Back then, everybody stole everyone's stuff... (There is a Burns and Allen show about that with Jack Benny) All the comedians, of course, knew who stole what. Some people got mad but mostly it was a compliment and since everyone did it.... The audience noticed these things too and it was greatly made fun of. Still, Fred's reactions are funny. He knows who it is. When it's over Fred says "I was expecting Clem Kadiddlehopper." Which was one of Red's characters. Fred also jokes that the material that Red stole, Red can still work with it while it still being funny while Fred can't anymore.

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