Thursday, October 6, 2011

Singin' in the Rain

My favorite dance in the movie
A!!!!!! Moses!!!!! I'm not going to bore you with Singin' in the Rain facts like Gene Kelly had a 104 degree temperature while dancing to Singin' in the Rain because the jacket kept shrinking so they did the shot a few times or Gene Kelly practiced with Debbie Reynolds till her feet bled (I find the fact that Debbie mentioned this whiny, because Ginger Rogers and all the greats would dance until their feet bled or until someone told them to stop). Or the rumor that Donald disliked Gene's methods or whatever but I mean, everyone put aside  feelings, like the rumor that Bing and Bob Hope disliked each other as well. Who knows? It all depends on whose biography you read. So here is some cool graphics courtesy of thomas destry.

Example of a truly joyful guy

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