Monday, April 22, 2013

1932-1962 Dance Project--a brief summary of about 3 decades

Recently in a dance class I am taking, we had to research two consecutive eras and find our information from a provided textbook. Each person in the group had a different task. I always love to be the one making a video if possible, so I had a visual aid. I also did a dance because even though this took about two hours to create, it is under five minutes so it looked like I did nothing. So I danced to the song "Ballin' the Jack" the Bob Crosby orchestra version. I explained to my peers that this song did have lyrics but I found it easier to dance to than the super slow Danny Kaye version or the sped up Gene Kelly and Judy Garland version I have from their movie For Me and My Gal . 
However this clip includes snip its that are not in order. It has snip its of movies, famous people, famous orchestras, and it contains sections of radio programs, and songs. I also have included a snip it or two from movies and television. It is mainly to give a sense of the time, as I assume the point of the assignment was because otherwise we would just dance.

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