Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dean's Steubenville

Dear Readers,
      That's right Steubenville's in the news again, for that terrible reason. I did not comment on it before but I will now. When I first heard many months ago about the case, I immediately thought, "Oh no, not Steubenville!" I love that little town. (not too little but smaller than most the places I've moved to). It was right after I had decided that going to Steubenville was on my bucket list. I had read Deanna's book and found out about the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin may be one of my favorite performers (he ranks close with Gene, Fred, Johnny Carson, and Julie Andrews). Now Steubenville is in the national spotlight. I send my regrets that your town is probably getting a bad rap for this...My teacher is even making the class write about the case, but I intend on adding another source, to make sure that she knows that this little town is still a good town. Any town that produces Dean Martin, is perfect in my opinion.
Funny photo of pals staging a fight...This photo is in my room.

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