Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disney Classics 1930s-1949

So Dear to my Heart
Snow White
(Wind and the Willows-was made into a movie later combined with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
Song of the South
The Three Caballeros
There are NUMEROUS shorts that I know or have seen
Ferdinand the Bull (1938)
Three Blind Musketeers

1. Never seen So Dear to My Heart- I would if they ever put more of it out, right? Ugh. It was one of the very few originals. Why don't they have it out?
2. I love Wind and the Willows combined with Sleepy Hollow, saw it like 2 years ago. 2 words, BING CROSBY!!!!!
3. Song of the South (along with Dumbo it gets a bad rap for being racist BUT, if you do your research- they were just keeping to what you may have found...especially in Dumbo-those crows yips were stuff off of backstage talk of like say Louis Armstrong record)
4. They need to promote more stuff like the Three Caballeros.
5. Blind Musketeers! There is countless others but some unusual ones I noticed. And who knew Ferdinand the Bull?

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