Thursday, October 27, 2011

Public Domain

Ok so my Audrey Hepburn/ Gracie Allen house was a bit of a stretch for me. I liked doing it, out of all the applications I've applied for that was the most fun. However blogs need constant updating. Someone needs to have dedication and that's what it is for me (not boredom or laziness because I REALLY don't have time for that). I enjoy blogging.
So thirteen episode of George Burns and Gracie Allen are available for the public domain. These are listed in the link posted above where you can watch. You can find some random ones on youtube but for the most part they are just these. Don't mess with confusing labels people put on some of Burns and Allen's youtube stuff.
This guy has ALOT of youtube public domain. Youtube and other companies (supposedly) do not have a problem with it. Legally they shouldn't. MOVIES! Some are the Medicine Man(Jack Benny), Palooka(Jimmy Durante), and Wake Me Up When the War Ends (not sure if that's the real title but it has eve gabor in it, although the only reason it's in domain is that no one registered the copyright)

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