Thursday, October 27, 2011

Public Domain

Ok so my Audrey Hepburn/ Gracie Allen house was a bit of a stretch for me. I liked doing it, out of all the applications I've applied for that was the most fun. However blogs need constant updating. Someone needs to have dedication and that's what it is for me (not boredom or laziness because I REALLY don't have time for that). I enjoy blogging.
So thirteen episode of George Burns and Gracie Allen are available for the public domain. These are listed in the link posted above where you can watch. You can find some random ones on youtube but for the most part they are just these. Don't mess with confusing labels people put on some of Burns and Allen's youtube stuff.
This guy has ALOT of youtube public domain. Youtube and other companies (supposedly) do not have a problem with it. Legally they shouldn't. MOVIES! Some are the Medicine Man(Jack Benny), Palooka(Jimmy Durante), and Wake Me Up When the War Ends (not sure if that's the real title but it has eve gabor in it, although the only reason it's in domain is that no one registered the copyright)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Song of the South: Laughing Place

Song of the South is considered a racist film and is not shown anymore. It is not PC correct. The worse crime is though is that white people have looked at it as a story of black and white. However it is a movie that has African American folklore and it does no one any good to ignore that slavery happened. Other movies involve slavery and they say nothing about it or label it educational-why not this? It does have educational value. As for Remus- they portray him in a positive light and not slavery. It all depended on the slave owner and it didn't support any of that. It's a story people! With story telling purposes.
I'm not saying it wasn't at all racist but each film is reflective of it's time and other racially offensive (some MUCH more than this) have survived while this one does not continue?
Remember these sing along videos? They should do exact replicas of them. I haven't seen the new ones out but I love the lesser known characters like that blue owl and his class or Donald Duck's uncle (is that right?), and Jiminey Cricket. However they don't have them arranged the same and that is what I dislike. I think that the arrangement was very important and appealing. They were not too alike and provided yet a smooth transition to the variety.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bringing Up Baby

Not my favorite movie but I will agree that it is under appreciated. Love the friend's of the family in this movie. This movie was perhaps the first to use the word gay as it means today. It is suggested people in Hollywood knew what it meant at this time. It was not in the original movie script and look-the situation was interesting wasn't it? But all of them were interesting in this movie.

Credit to Thomasdestry who's credit appears on the right hand side.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Singin' in the Rain

My favorite dance in the movie
A!!!!!! Moses!!!!! I'm not going to bore you with Singin' in the Rain facts like Gene Kelly had a 104 degree temperature while dancing to Singin' in the Rain because the jacket kept shrinking so they did the shot a few times or Gene Kelly practiced with Debbie Reynolds till her feet bled (I find the fact that Debbie mentioned this whiny, because Ginger Rogers and all the greats would dance until their feet bled or until someone told them to stop). Or the rumor that Donald disliked Gene's methods or whatever but I mean, everyone put aside  feelings, like the rumor that Bing and Bob Hope disliked each other as well. Who knows? It all depends on whose biography you read. So here is some cool graphics courtesy of thomas destry.

Example of a truly joyful guy