Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dean's Steubenville

Dear Readers,
      That's right Steubenville's in the news again, for that terrible reason. I did not comment on it before but I will now. When I first heard many months ago about the case, I immediately thought, "Oh no, not Steubenville!" I love that little town. (not too little but smaller than most the places I've moved to). It was right after I had decided that going to Steubenville was on my bucket list. I had read Deanna's book and found out about the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin may be one of my favorite performers (he ranks close with Gene, Fred, Johnny Carson, and Julie Andrews). Now Steubenville is in the national spotlight. I send my regrets that your town is probably getting a bad rap for this...My teacher is even making the class write about the case, but I intend on adding another source, to make sure that she knows that this little town is still a good town. Any town that produces Dean Martin, is perfect in my opinion.
Funny photo of pals staging a fight...This photo is in my room.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Calling All Cohnheads!

Calling All Cohnheads!
                For all of you who are fans of Linda Cohn but never got the chance to meet her, but have imagined what she is like, I will tell you. Linda Cohn is incredibly personable and a comedienne. She visited Oklahoma State University on March 7, 2013. She was seen sipping from an Eskimo Joe’s cup, which is the local “must go to” place. She quipped that she has to keep it with her and to always fill it with liquid so the cup stays orange.
                Linda Cohn’s career is pretty impressive but as she insisted during the speech to not go over that, I will pass. Instead she talked more about her childhood, and how her love for hockey, helped her develop a thick skin as she said throughout her speech, and transform the shy girl inside of her. She was fourteen playing against eight year old boys, but at least it was a start. Cohn’s attitude to the male predominance in her field was one of little tolerance to whiny girls. Cohn asserted that she did not like when girls whine, complain, and argue about how hard it is to break into a business being a woman. A positive attitude to use the resources presented and to work hard is what Cohn suggested for remedy.
                The reason I went to go see Mrs. Cohn was because I want to work in television and she is inspirational, even have written a book (which I think now I must buy). It is impressive to have women newscasters and I could learn something from her speech. She gave practical advice, such as the following:
1.       Use twitter, strike up a conversation, and try to make it meaningful, not just a quip, but be sure to interact.
2.       Get involved in college, even though no one may be actually looking at your college resume, her point seemed to be that it gives you the experience, ethics, and gets you to a place where hard work means you may find your break.
3.       Luck is spelled like so W-O-R-K.
4.       Start small, start from the bottom, but be in a place where you have the possibility of being seen.
5.       Just keep your name out there, do multiple projects.
6.       Try to get interviews at places you want, even if they are not hiring, ask to come to shake their hand, simply meet, and hand in your resume.
7.       Know how to bake cookies. She said she did not know how but she managed not to burn them, and she got a job by serving cookies, and simply getting known that way. (I think I am going to make it guys, I make awesome cookies)
8.       Do not ask for stuff. Do not ask for any special favors, or be whiny, but cash in when it matters. In other words, save up those brownie points to ask for a day off to go to a game at the last second.
                Growing up in a house that did not have anything but basic networks I had never really seen Linda Cohn on television; that does not mean her professional prowess did not reach me. Now I am not the most up to date on sports but I do have enough sports knowledge to follow what she was referring to, especially in her jokes. I am not as bad as J.D in Scrubs, who incidentally has an episode in Scrubs where he is on Sports Center. Usually I keep up to date on my favorite teams and move on with my life, but I do not doubt the significance of sports in my life. If only Zumba was considered an international sport!
She answered questions and although I had none through the whole thing, someone asked her about her best interview or story to cover on Sports Center. This was amusing because she said she did not have a favorite story to cover but her off camera chats with people are some of her best memories, simply because they open up off camera, while treating her like an equal. She said she loves to go to games and be a screaming, crazy fan that shouts obscenities rather than actually cover the story. I believe I gasped when she said she talked to Michael Jordan, off camera like a regular conversation. Personally I was screaming inside my head going “ERMYGAWD, Michael Jordan is my childhood hero.” I grew up in Indiana where basketball is the law of the land.
As she is a Knicks fan and Oklahoma is Thunder all the way, she said she could not have planned a better time to visit. I am sorry Linda Cohn, you are now one of my new heroines, but I hope your team goes down!
Congratulations Linda, I feel like you probably actually read this because you were so nice, and seemed like you would really talk to any of us on twitter, so you actually may be reading this…The reason I say congratulations is because you have earned a place under inspirational women for me, that consists pretty much of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, with such great people such as that let’s leave Taylor Swift out of this. She already has problems with Tina and Amy. In fact, let us hope she does not date an athlete any time soon.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maurice Chevalier le twist!

This song makes me happy, like always Maurice Chevalier puts on his smile and hat to charm us to a smile. I love how he moves it. Not very professional but hey, bringing you something. So now, you know what you should do, I know you're putting something off ;) .