Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith may have died but his legacy is timeless

I love you Andy! You will be missed. There are no words really. I could comment about his career and all he stood for but I think he made that obvious. The best thing to do is to let it stand and for everyone to choose what they liked best about him. Personally, I'm having an Andy Griffith marathon to celebrate his beautiful life. One of the latest works my mom likes is Waiting on a Women music video starring him. It's when I realized though that he has aged rapidly. Everyone has heard the Andy Griffith theme song and if they haven't they need to. It has been on regular broadcasting, as well as cable/other for quite a long time. There is hardly a time is not on the air. I always have seen it at hotels and it is a comfort. Only recently have I had netflix to watch it. There is no doubt how widely popular it is and how romantic it is to imagine to live in a town like Mayberry. Everyone wants a Mayberry. It is amazing that the show is 50 years old and still relevant...it is also widely loved still by all ages. All ages.

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