Monday, December 19, 2011

Daddy Long Legs

You gotta love Fred Astaire.
This is a STAR studded cast. Not in the leading man sort of way or leading lady but the sidekicks are AWESOME.
In this cast there are (I found at least) 2 Harry Morton's from the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show.
There is Buster Keaton and Fred Clark.
Then there is Thelma Ritter...she is in awesome movies like Move Over, Darling and Pillow Talk.
Sassy spunky and oldish...the original Betty White.
Fred Astaire requested Leslie Caron for the role.
It's a story of true hope.
Johnny Mercer sings the opening number.
Fred astaire is a dancing wealthy benefactor saving economic crisis but is quite a hispter jiver.
Fred Astaire's wife died during the middle of this movie which is why you can sometimes tell he is red eyed from crying in his trailer. That is one instance when I think the trailer is necessary for stars. Give all grieving stars-a trailer so they can cry, I mean even men cry...when someone you love  has died-it's expected.
Leslie Caron- didn't want to be in pictures but gave into her mothers wishes and joined Gene Kelly in An American and Paris and---of course with Fred here.

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