Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Underworld
special channels. Just trust me....If you're a follower of my blog at all or I attend your blog, you may want to check this out.
We all have those movies we can't get our hands on, like at all, like on television, the store, or youtube. We want to be able to watch them before we dish out 20 bucks plus shipping to get it from amazon. Besides, not all of these older movies are prizewinners, you're just glad you watched them, and move on with your life, certainly never really promoting them...You save that for a time when the movie really matters to you because as any young person knows, getting your peers to care about something like this can be a really uphill battle. So you pick. these channels are THE channels (and some of their friends) that are able to help you decide whether to dish out cash or not. This blog is not that popular, nor do I care, I would actually not post this if it was, because let's just keep it to ourselves. These channels are amazing. Also when you get time...check out mine

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