Friday, November 4, 2016

My Favorite Dances in Movies

WatchMojo had a fairly atrocious list of the Top 10 Dances of all time, for one--their pick for the Fred and Ginger dance is probably the least impressive (aside from Fred navigating that dress) of all their dances. 

The beautiful thing about Kelly's dances is that they always tell a story. I have watched so many Gene Kelly movies that I know whenever he had a hand in it, even if he wasn't the choreographer for the movie. For example, this dance was choreographed by Kelly even though not all the dances in this movie were by Kelly. 

This made me cry because it was so beautiful. I don't think I've done that many times before, especially at art. Real people and stories yes, so Kelly's work really hits a strong chord inside of me. 
As I said before, Kelly's dances always tell a story. Even though this is in another language, I feel like I watched a complicated romance unfold and so when people accuse musicals or movies like this of moving too fast that it's all hunky dory-I think in the case of dance numbers....the dance is showing a wide range of emotions where a mini romance may unfold.

Passion, sex, and lust. This song and dance number has it all and it's just so fun. The chemistry here is so real. The looks he gives her. They SO liked each other. They admitted it. 

So many sexual innuendos in this one song and dance number it's led to discussion among my peers as to how our parents let us watch this movie. Obviously we are love Grease and had no idea.....but even my parents were like....oh yeah....why did we let you watch this?

Here we get to see a bit more of Kelly's athleticism. We also get to see his VERY sexy legs. Sexiest man legs I have EVER seen. 

This may be the whole reason I created this list. As I said WatchMojo included just one Fred and Ginger number and it was probably my least favorite. It didn't show off Fred's skills or Ginger's nearly as good as this quick dance number did. 
By far, my favorite song and dance number. It may not be the most technical but by far the best cinematically done. It won best song. It's spell binding. 

I had a few others that I couldn't find clips for....hope you enjoyed this list.