Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Love in Bloom

Alot of things are going to come up in the future. I will be having an interview with the SwingSwinger! Don't know who he is? Then you'll have to tune in. I'll be encouraging all my friends to so that this guy's name is spread just a little farther than it was before. What am I talking about? It's a huge spread! Since he is in the U.K and all my adoring friends are right here in the U.S of A. More delightful interviews later. More movies to gush about? More things to promote?
Nah. Just maybe tell my sister to watch more Looney Tunes. I just realized how much the new generations are depraved children, my sister did not know who Marvin the Martian was. She did not know about Pepe le Pew, Pussyfoot, or Foghorn Leghorn. Thank goodness she knew Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety or I would have had to hurt her.
Oh wait. I do have a thing to promote. You may have guessed that I am a bit of a classic film buff/lover of good media in general (although I'm not much into the action or horror story ones even if they are classic). So I gave the National Film Registry a looking over, and I think that you should to. Whoever you is if you still are reading this. They let the people vote for movies they think are notable in American culture or influential points of film. I promoted Mary Poppins and Anchors Aweigh I believe. Oh, as well as Grease. Just a few notable films that are personal favorites that I was surprised were not already included.

So for my MAIN point. I just got done with my yearly read of Eight Cousins, I am now moving on to Rose in Bloom. To anyone out there who likes Louisa May Alcott. Read this book. If you are in film, do this book. I would if I had the money to pay actors or even get people with enough time to kill to put this together. For me  it would be fun, for others-not so much.
A fake trailer would even be nice. But do my a favor huh? If you rip off this idea, please I would like to see your creative genius. This truly would be a pleasure to work on if I was in the film making business. It's enough to get my creative juices flowing. Who would I send this to though? I would do it for sheer pleasure but not many share this passion. However this book, is a work of art if it were to be applied to film. You would have to know what to do with it. You would have to keep it almost truly aligned with the book. Adjusting by taking out minor events depending on what your focus is on but as of what I have seen in theaters failing, or at least aesthetically, I would recommend the focus not be on childish incidents like the scene of getting her ears pierced. I recommend a focus on male and female contact, hints, and relationships between people. The childish incidents like that may prove some lesson but I believe if made into a movie should be removed because it serves very little in the plot. It is a representation but need not be shown, but when transferred to film, needs to be implied that said event happened but trivial time not wasted on this method. As you can see, I have given it a great deal of thought and boy....I will get part of a trailer out so you can see what I mean but oh this is going to be a dandy! I'm working on not showing faces or costumes so that  my trailer will be easier to make because not many boys will be willing to help with this task. AH! Now I want a film degree! I change my mind every week. God show me a path please before I carry myself away like Charlie, a jack of all trades but useful at none.